If you have any concerns about an untimely pregnancy, abortion decision, prenatal healthcare, adoption, parenting skills, sexual health, relationship choices, or providing for your baby, we are here for you! Call, text, or visit for free and confidential help.

  • If you have any questions about drug abuse-- how it starts, how prevent it, what to do when you suspect abuse, treatment and much more--this is the article for you. Though geared toward teenagers, much of the content could be aimed at other generations.

  • During these two months of great giving, we want to share with you a special way to give and also spread the news of who we are. The more people give, the more people who know about us. This is a great way to not only give, but to spread our message of hope throughout the community. Please consider giving this holiday season. Cincinnati Magazine is helping to recognize important nonprofits in Cincinnati. Please considering support us and sharing this on your own Facebook page and other such social media outlets!

  • This video showcases the history of Pregnancy Center West and the people who were very involved with the development and support of the Center. There is a lot of passionately loving people who have dedicated a lot of time, talent and tears and we hope that you become inspired by God's beautiful work that He has done through these amazing people as we have been.

Video of the History of Pregnancy Center West

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