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If you have any concerns about an untimely pregnancy, abortion decision, prenatal healthcare, adoption, parenting skills, sexual health, relationship choices, or providing for your baby, we are here for you! Call, text, or visit for free and confidential help.

News & Notes

PCW is delighted to report that it has provided 500 free ultrasound scans since launching the service only 15 months ago. Through the support of generous donors, PCW is making a tremendous impact in the local community as it works with women in a time of need.

The addition of an ultrasound scanning capability has profoundly changed the dynamic of PCW's fulfillment of the mission to save the unborn! Hundreds of women have received a free scan, and the majority choose LIFE for their unborn baby. Read more...

Laura Yards, Executive Director, reflects on the impact our pro-life Centers have to build the culture of life in a world that falsely enshrines abortion.

Read about the wonderful, free services that Pregnancy Center West provided in 2019, as we work to be present to women during a crisis pregnancy and save the unborn.



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