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Promote PCW

Pregnancy Center West has served the West Side community of Cincinnati since 1981, but many people still don't know about our amazing, life-affirming ministry.  You can help 'spread the word' of Pregnancy Center West by placing a license plate frame and/or window decal (shown below) on your vehicle.  They provide a simple message of PCW's phone # and web site to those who may need our services, and others that may want to support our mission.

The items are offered to supporters in the local Cincinnati area (to focus our promotional efforts locally, as well as to minimize costs for delivery/shipping) at no cost.  However, we ask that you consider making a free will offering in exchange for the items, by making a donation to our Center, either by mailing a check to PCW, 4900 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238, or using the DONATE link from the web site for an online donation via credit card.

Interested?  Please send an e-mail to Bill ( and let him know how many license plate frames and/or window decals that you would like, along with your contact information.  Or you can call Bill at the Center at 512-244-5700.

Thanks for helping promote PCW and any donation you make to help us off-set the cost of these items.

Blessings to you!

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