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"The Body Matters" Program

Encouraging the virtue of self-control, the program seeks to provide them with the knowledge, desire, and strength to practice God's plan of chastity. "The Body Matters" emphasizes self-respect and respect for all human life, born and unborn.


◦ This 5-day program focuses on healthy relationships, the benefits of choosing a chaste lifestyle, and the consequences of rejecting God’s plan.
◦ Students are given practical tools that enable them to choose chastity for their future regardless of any mistakes in the past.
◦ False messages from media and society about sexuality are exposed through medically accurate, theologically sound, and relationally sensitive information.


◦ The 3-day 6th grade program, and 4-day 7th and 8th grade programs utilize activities, discussion, and multi-media presentations to encourage active learning about God’s plan for sex.
◦ “The Body Matters” promotes and explains the virtues of modesty, self-control, and purity of both mind and body.


◦ This 90-minute presentation introduces "The Body Matters” program and gives parents ideas for initiating and enhancing communication with their children on the topic of sexuality.


This 90-minute presentation is designed for churches and youth groups and examines the negative impact of abortion as a social injustice. Medically accurate information, beautiful pictures of babies developing in the womb, and real-life stories encourage participants to assume responsibility for the protection of the awesome gift of life. A 45-minute presentation is also available.

"The Body Matters" actively engages students in learning about the physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of choosing a chaste lifestyle. 

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