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Abortion Education

Like any medical procedure, it is important to be fully informed! You should be fully educated in regard to what will happen during your abortion procedure, as well as what the potential risks are. We would love to discuss these procedures with you in our private, confidential setting and answer all of your questions. 

Here are some basics to get you started on your understanding of abortion:

  • There are four different kinds of abortions: the chemical abortion (or the "the abortion pill"), the suction abortion, the D&E abortion (dilation and evacuation), and the D&X abortion (dilation and extraction, also known as a 'partial birth abortion'). The type of procedure recommended for you would be based upon how far along you are.  This is why it is so important to have an ultrasound scan done at a Center where you will be shown the results.
  • Each abortion procedure has their own physical risks because of the invasiveness of the procedures. Studies show that abortions can have psychological effects that you should be aware of, including but not limited to: higher risk of depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, substance abuse, and sexual dysfunctions.

Call or text us today to make an appointment, if you are considering abortion. We can provide a FREE pregnancy test, as well as a FREE ultrasound scan, and also discuss your options with you in a comfortable and private setting.

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